Sunday, October 05, 2014

Go to your People.

I'm prepping for a short work trip today. It's a moment when everything is pretty idyllic - the girls are chilling out. Jason is puttering around the house enjoying the quiet and I'm trying to collect myself.

We are coming off of almost 3 weeks of semi-normalcy. We've spent the last couple of weeks with friends and each other - lots of birthdays to celebrate and neighbourhood haunts to check out. I've seen more of these people in the last 3 weeks than I have all summer I think. I love these people. We've have wild times and they can pull me back like no one else I know.

I'm still pretty detached from home life. Work and school are duking it out for my attention and I haven't figured out how to be present in all three areas of my life yet.

Since that's no way to live fully, I started going to a Mindfulness Meditation workshop to try and help manage the juggling. I know that meditating won't bend the time/space continuum to give me an extra 2 hours a day it does help me stay in the moment...This just means my work might get done with a bit less distraction, I may study for 2 hours without interruption and that my time with my friends and family might be more sacred.

I guess at the very worst there is more a chance I'll get to be aware of these moments if I start practicing awareness right?  Seems like a pretty low risk solution with a high possibility of return on investment.

And so we practice being together...

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Kim W said...

You and your family look happy and relaxed. It is good to connect and savor the moment