Saturday, September 13, 2014

Three Years Ago Today

Dear Marlowe;

Today you are three; it's hard to believe that time is flying at this pace.

This means of course that 'You are a big girl' now.  I asked you if you could consider staying three forever and you insisted that you couldn't stop.

It is 'what you do'.  You do so much more now than even two weeks ago!

Wild with determination and will to do it makes you unstoppable. I can relate on so many levels that it takes my breath away.

In the last month though, you've been really trying to take a minute before hurling yourself into your feelings or frustration or off of a cliff. It is a wonder to watch you learning how to cope with the instinct to go wild.
I can feel you getting ready to stretch your wings and direct your attention away from me in search of a wider world and it foreshadows my last hatchling leaving babyhood behind.

You are a wonder and a force to behold. It is humbling to witness.

Happy Birthday Pork Chop.


Your Mama.

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Kim W said...

Your daughter is beautiful. May she continue to bring you joy, love and wonder.