Thursday, September 25, 2014

A taste of a different life

New schedules and nerves; school and friends; work dust up; Marlowe losing her constant summer companion to Grade Two and Jason reaching outward again. So much change the best we we've found to accommodate it is to spend our free time cooking and loving our home life or.....running for the hills!

Which is what we did.  We rolled up a solo weekend in with a work trip I had.  Rented a wicked apartment on the sea side, went sea kayaking, cooked and ate our faces off.

Sometimes escapism is alright.

We enjoyed the sweet release of uninterruped sleep and conversation.

We spent the morning exploring the island in the bay in sea kayaks provided to us by our cottage hosts.

It was a spectacular morning. The weather, the company, the sense of adventure. We are in the business side of our relationship - there are so many activities and people and ways to distract us from taking care of our relationship that we had forgotten a little bit what it was like to go adventuring just the two of us.

No matter what though. these guys were not the seals we though they were out in the bay. Nice guys from the Ottawa Valley and Nova Scotia - they really gave J the sales job on the diving in the hood.

We went for a talking drive (read: long drive trapped in car to talk) over to see some Toronto friends who'd recently moved out to Shelbourne to live their dreams. It was a treat to see the dream take hold and be so successful.

One couple`s dreams enabled both partner`s dreams. Her love of homesteading, chickens and crafting and his of craft brewing. It is a beautiful thing to see a family incorporate everyone's hearts into their reality.

At the end of it, I stayed for another 5 days for work meetings - this is frankly, my cue to do all of the things I don't do back in Normal Life.

Eat, drink, dance and work to excess.

You're not the boss of me Sign!

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Angie Burnett said...

Looks blissful, friend. Hope you're well ;-)