Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summary of a few pre-day rides

It was one of those crazy busy days last Friday. The kind of day that I try and avoid with all the might of a 5' tall woman with a crippling Napoleonic complex.  The day when I had client meetings in the late afternoon, Bike Rally errands to run in the pre-afternoon, work meetings in the late morning and a garden obligation first thing in the morning.

It was also the last day I was going to do a morning ride in more than 10, I wrote my plan for the day down and Steph kindly offered to have our morning date 30 min earlier - at 6:00 am, that 30 minutes at that point in the day is a true friendship gift.

This is what that ride looked like using pictures from the last 2 rides.

4:50 am: Wake up. Curse life choices but enjoy current alarm ring tone choice.

5:35 am: Drink half a pot of coffee and contemplate eating...reject the idea, even the sun is to tired to feel hungry that early in the morning.

6:00 am: Ride through The Meatgrinder and enjoy view of the waterfront. Maybe life is rich...

6:15 am: Connect with Steph at bottom of High Park.

6:30 am: Get lapped by cycling club on Ellis. Contemplate competing with them...realize that it was the hanger talking

6:45 am: Gget lapped again. Curse them.

7:00 am: Start back to the deep east. Take selfie next to giant Inukshuk.

7:15 am: Go through a significantly changed Meatgrinder.  Contemplate the impact of this construction on my netherregions. Make a mental note to never think of this again...also to eat before doing this again.

7:45 am: Arrive at my house say hello to my family gettng ready for their days. Drink ALL the coffee.

I think the real victims of our choices might be Jason and Joe here.

If you feel the urge PWA Toronto is a great organization to sponsor and we have a whole team of hard working cyclists on our team looking for support on this crazy ride. Check it out - we ride and post terrible pictures for coffee money.

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