Sunday, May 04, 2014

Mother West Wind can Suck my D*ck

Today was the first of what will add up to close to 3000 km of summer cycling. Most of the cycling will be done specifically to train for the 16th Annual Friends For Life Bike Rally.  My non-sexual Partner In Crime and I are so smitten with the epic nature of this event that we committed to co-leading a merry team of Psyclopaths.

It is a satisfaction that stands out from the other adventures we go on in our respective lives. It is hard. Hard to find the time, hard to broker the compromise with our friends, families and jobs. Hard to fundraise the minimum amount. Hard on our bottoms.

But oh, so Epic in nature that we just can't quit it.

Today was our first official training ride, Kipling - Meadowvale. In terms of Southern Ontario geography, a small trip through Meadowvale township is the highlight - a respite from the industrial parks (oxymoron alert!) of Mississauga.  A civil 46 km until...THE WIND CHOSE TO BLOW DIRECTLY AT US IN EVERY DIRECTION.

and then...the subway stopped 5 minutes from Steph's home station...still across the city from where I live, in the deep East.

 this is when the TTC operator started to prepare us for the reality that the subway was not going to be our way home...(armwarmers made by me for rides like this one - WIND!) This is me, 5 seconds before losing my mind Elaine Benes style.
We had to get off in the deep West end. Steph had to march her chivalrous self up a steep hill with the wind in her face, while I got to head South to the Waterfront Trail.

The wind made it's appearance...on my face the second I turned East. At least the Waterfront Trail was as pretty as always. It always makes me feel like I could be on Bowen Island or Halifax...minus the mountains and rain...and salty smell...

Maybe I just miss the ocean.

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Dr. Steph said...

That wind was a massive BITCH yesterday. I was out running and it was not fun. Go you two!