Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Let's call this Parliament to session

In this case a Parliament of Owls or a Wisdom of Owls.

As part of New Years resolution list I committed that I would knit more this year than I had in the last few. Not because I felt that my lack of knitting reflected poorly on my character, drive or general level of functionality, but because it is one of my only meditative hobbies. Believe it or not, it slows me down and helps me react more thoughtfully. Two actions that could use all they help they can get in my world.

They also brought my total sweater tally to three by the beginning of Q2 (if you happen to think in fiscal quarters.)

Each 'Parliament' consists of 14 owlets which meant I had a run on buttons for eyes - 56 in total. For the blue sweater I pulled from my very precious supply of buttons I inherited from my Mimi, the recipient's Great-Grandmother, avid knitter, seamstress, and Captain of my Family's League of Difficult Women.  Seems appropriate.
But for the cream Parliament I was in trouble. We are still on our Q2 - Post Christmas Fiscal Diet so I was disappointed thrilled for the excuse to go Button Diving at Mac Fab.  When I posted about the oncoming need for some blue button eyes our good friend Ms. Debra came to the rescue. She makes luxury out of clay...her website will be up soon!

28 handmade, glazed and baked clay buttons. Cobalt. How luxurious is THAT?!

and so it came to pass that I finished a birthday sweater and matching Marlowe sweater 2 days before the birthday party...sobre and not stressed.

This Bitch is evolving...finally.

Pattern: Owlet by Kate Davies
Difficulty: ADORABLE

To be clear, I have been traveling a lot more than expected in Q1 so while I have been a "woman getting shit done", in fact I've been spending close to 16 hours a month by myself on a plane. For all the parents out there, yes, it was borderline pornographic in its luxury.


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