Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The New Jumper

Here's the thing, I am mostly a Jill of all trades as opposed to a Mistress of one. I do a lot of different seemingly opposing work, extra-curriculars and arts. Most of them slowly. One of the many reasons I love knitting is that it is paced labour. There is a natural cadence to it - it's uncomfortable for a knitter to change their cadence on purpose - speed, at least in my case, is gained through knitting a lot.

Over the past 10 years I've come to terms with the fact that I am not one of those quick thinkers - comebacks always come to me 4 days after stewing and brooding, my snap decisions are super flawed and my first impressions of people are more often than not way off base.

That doesn't mean I'm not reactionary -  I flare up with the best of them. I've toned down the instinct I have to speak without breathing but it is an ongoing practise and even when I take pause I am such a committed extravert that you will feel the heat of my restraint.

Knitting has been a great way to make me concentrate on slowing my shit down, commit to a long haul and let myself settle in without being still if that makes any sense.  Once in awhile it even ends up in a useable garment.

Mostly, I'm in it for the process. This last time it worked out well. Fenner asked for a sweater just like the one from a sweet book we like by Oliver Jeffers called The New Jumper. It took almost 18 months but I did it. Literary knits yo. Of my own basic design.

I'm proud and Fenner loves it. For the win.

Fenner doing her best Huey impression with attitude. Looking a little bit older than I remember when taking this picture.

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