Sunday, January 05, 2014

New year, new resolutions

As a Grinch and a Gemini, the past two weeks have truly shadowed my extreme tendencies. Events that were largely out of our control that had pretty significant impact on our energy levels and which trumped virtually every Christmas to do list that we had.

It wasn't until the evening of the 29th that celebrating, gift exchanging and cooking responsibilities were complete. Once done we settled like dust after a storm. We went 'nuclear' for a couple of days. Visiting our neighbourhood covered in snow, taking care of our business and each other with no other agenda but to enjoy our time together.

We had a good hard look at our "Clean out 2013" List - some of which had to be moved in order to make room for cleaning up our property from the ice storm that hijacked our neighbourhood. All said, we ended the year as we meant to continue. Jason finished his outstanding household repairs, I closed off the 2013 Good Food Box accounts and we spent a day cleaning up the backyard - we even had some neighbours join us for a bonfire and mulled wine.

It was a crazy great year filled with adventure and change. When I tried to find my resolution list it was still written in my journal - there were a few things didn't get done and like anything on a to do list they get moved into the next edition. Instead of stopping or starting - I've started practicing and trying on new habits.  This was a direct result of being nice to myself. Here's what I'm going to aim for in 2014...

  1. Turn 40.
  2. Lead a team for the 2014 Bike Rally
  3. Continue to try and get rid of my crippling FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). It really fucks with my ability to enjoy the day.
  4. Continue the practice of eliminating the word "just" from our family vocabulary - "I'm just a stay at home parent", "I'm just learning how to run 5 km", "I'm just her Mum"
  5. Stop trying to resolve a conflict immediately to avoid the pain of finding a better conversation.
  6. Ask myself W.A.I.T (Why Am I Talking) more.
  7. Ask more questions.
  8. Knit 3 sweaters, 4 pairs of socks, 5 pairs of mittens, master the art of knitting the perfect toque.
  9. Get more uppity in front of my daughters.
  10. Finish The Rail Garden - mostly this means try and find a governance strategy for the property.
  11. Buy good garden equipment.
  12. Set up the work room in the Shed.
  13. Continue to foster a Maker's Christmas with my family.
  14. Finish a Sprint triathlon.
  15. Finish a full triathlon
  16. Bike 3000 km this summer
  17. Use my benefits.
  18. Get my PMP designation.
  19. Listen to more music. Invest in it.
  20. Read more. Always more.
  21. Finish watching the IFI's Top 100 Funniest Movies
  22. Learn to play the uke beyond noodling around in my kitchen.
  23. Enjoy moderation more.
  24. Cook with and for my friends more often.
  25. Learn more.
  26. Camp with my family
  27. Spend New Years Eve 2015 in a yurt in Algonquin park (Jason doesn't know about this one yet)
It's going to be a good year. I can just tell.