Monday, December 16, 2013

Slamming it in

A chinook is rolling into Calgary today and reminded me about this post from weeks ago.  I have a couple of pretty satisfying projects in full gear or ramping up to kick off so I'll be spending some time out West in the new year.  My last trip there it was -20 C which was an...adjustment.

It is wild out there.
I had tried to arrive in Calgary with enough time to get dinner out in the Prairies before it got dark, I was delayed leaving and I probably should have opted for chilling and knitting in the apartment I rented or at least checking the road reports before leaving..but well...I've forgotten how the rest of Canada operates. Next time, there will be hibernation.

If you look closely you can see the smudged horizon line in the picture above. I thought it was some weirdo prairies winter sunset thing - but no, turns out it was a wall of fog that crept above the line of the Badlands Valley.

The roads were terrible and there was some snow which is to say, that I was the Torontonian that got her Ford Focus stuck on the side of the road taking these pictures.
Can you blame me though? There is just nothing like this east of Manitoba and it boggles my mind every time. I did learn however, that it boggles my mind a lot less fearfully when it isn't covered in black ice, snow and dark.
Of course, the fog did make me thankful that I still know how to rock a car out of a rut because I don't think anyone would have seen me in that soup bowl.

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