Sunday, November 03, 2013

Pre-Travel To Do List

Yesterday was the culmination of almost two weeks of coordinated effort between Jason and I to get the hell out of Dodge as cleanly as possible. By clean I mean, without outstanding work, without four boxes of produce rotting in our fridge, and with enough prep that we wouldn't have to pay for stupid shit on the road...shitty food and water mostly.

Two weeks is a long time but four boxes of produce take a lot of planning and Halloween was thrown in for good measure and I had a midterm exam scheduled for the day we were planning to leave.

Here's what this week's to do list looked like.

Pie Contest
- Jason: bake killer pie and win pie contest. Fend off Wife and hot single babes looking for a Pie Man
- Jen: Encourage trash talking in the neighbourhood

Ryerson Class
- Jen: review 2 modules of reading every night to avoid having to study on Halloween (for the record I did this)
- Jen: regret mediocre study habits but do nothing to effect change. Ride the spiral of self hatred until Friday night.

- Jason make soups for friends and family coming to visit.
- Decorate front porch (because he gives a shit and I, do not)
Jen: Roast three butternut squash for soup - make it thick so that the parasitic but inspiring children will deign to eat it. Recipe from a co-worker who had this to say: "..that one turned out well". The fucking mushrooms became a staple on everything for me because of this recipe.

 Jen: recover from hangover but eating my first successful Challah weave

Jen & Jason: Make an seemingly impossible amount of car snacks to avoid the obscene fast food options on the road. Expensive and questionable food that doesn't help us feel less 'worse' after spending more or less 10 hours in a car on a highway.

What has been left off this list is my work to do list which was off the charts in the past two weeks. I wish I could complain about it but it has been straight up fun to be slammed and excited about new projects again.

Basically, pulling this trip off in a way that ensured we didn't bankrupt ourselves, leave the house to rot in a big pile of compost or that I wasn't obsessed with work the entire time has been a full time job - worth every second of planning.

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