Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Day 4 - The day everyone hits the pavement

The trip to New Jersey (Google estimation 7:41 hours) went as amazing as we hoped. Jason did the talking at the border thus ensuring we got through and the pit stop in Niagara Falls meant that the first three hours after we crossed were during Marlowe's prime nap cycle. We were crossing the border to Pennsylvania when the girls finally needed a good solid flexing of the muscles. 
We are of the belief that a 45 minute break in driving to run is so much more worth living through than the 45 minute scream and whine fest that will ensue if none of us get the hell out of the car.

My good friend Judy had the home fires burning when we arrived with delicious food, wine and a warm home.
Talking chicken with the pros
 Early Morning + Bird Conservatory + 10 hours driving = TKO
We were in a glorious part of New Jersey for a couple of days before we drove to DC.  I don't get to hang or even catch up with my friend often enough so the days were spent wandering through the town, exploring the 'Towpath', and for Fenner, enjoying the freedom of leaving the house to fool around in the enormous back yard.  We will be breaking up the trip on the way back in the same way.

Judy and I have a date with a bottle of red that cannot be pushed out any further.  I suspect that it's because we decided 'it wasn't the right time' that our first night in Washington was the FUCKING NIGHTMARE that it was.

We broke up the drive to DC with a hike in the Susquahanna State Park which was spectacular. All the pictures are on my camera except for interrupting about a dozen massive vultures from an early Thanksgiving feast.
The rest of our time hiking was breathtaking but clearly this was a sign for what was to come.

I have taken to renting spaces from Airbnb for these family trips. The price points make family trips on a budget possible and the fact that we get access to fully loaded kitchens most of the time means that we aren't forced into bankruptcy by bringing travel weary children to restaurants - an expensive and SUPER UNSATISFYING dining experience for everyone.

I thought I'd booked a great location studio apartment - 5 blocks from the National Mall, walkable distance to all the Smithsonians, in a great University oriented neighbourhood. It had everything we wanted...except for the fact that I missed the repeated note that it was a SHARED studio space. That means there are NO WALLS OR DOORS.

The owner of the studio was awesome - kind, well informed, welcoming but well, he was there. In a one room studio apartment...with a family of four. One of whom was still nursing (WHY GOD WHY IS SHE STILL NURSING?!)

Guys, I drank two glasses of wine, had a stroke, and went to bed. I am too old to be so...public and flexible. This morning was spent working out an alternate arrangement, and our host was fantastic and have nothing but good things to say about him...especially now that we're flying solo...

Thanks sweet jesus.

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Juno said...

I have an idea that you were about 5 miles from me. Wish I'd understood that sooner!