Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Work hard but make sure to play harder.

I just returned from a work trip that involved five days in Banff and five days in Calgary.  For the record, I have not been away from Jason for that long since we locked it down for better or worse.  Once I knew I was going to be away for that long I knew that I'd be maximizing the time away and I'm not talking in a tequila shot sort of way....although that may have happened too.

In an epic Canadian Rockies/Badlands/Drumheller sort of a way.

The owners of my firm gave me the opportunity to pick the post session activities with very few boundaries except to make space for my colleagues' possible comfort zones.  The results were lots of outside activities with mitigated risk.

After spending 6 hours talking project management practice and rigour we went out and played. Horseback riding, 'Voyageur' canoeing and hiking followed by great food and company was the way we let the steam out.

After working hard without really knowing who you're working with it is a lot of fun to hook up with someone I'd developed a long distance kinship with  for a beer and some work for a couple of hours in the afternoon, or in some cases a morning run WHICH I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE.
So we worked, we ate, we drank and we enjoyed the outside. Banff is pretty aggressive about making you pay attention to it.  I kind of felt like it was trying to kill me by exhilaration.

It was awesome to meet my new company and I was pretty charmed by everyone. The lack of irony was super refreshing and while hijinks were had, my social hangover was minimal compared to my twenties - with that as a yardstick you can be sure there was still recovery.

This was my level of real rebellion. Going past the barrier to hang out on the undercut rock of Johnston Canyon  and take some amateur rock shots.  I stand by the decision.
I was slated to be onsite at a client's for the week afterwards which left me with Sunday to play with. Calgary is no cheap nor easy trip to make so I was determined to max that shit out.

Drumheller and the Badlands were on my list and my killer new partner in crime Amanda committed to being the Louise to my Thelma for the post Banff trip.
We cued up this playlist and headed to something called the m*therf*cking Badlands.  How cool is that? Within 24 hours I traveled from the Rockies, through some pretty perfect prairies to the Alberta Badlands.

In less than 300 km. Guys, this country blows my mind out.

After such an amazing start, I was ill prepared for the isolation and lack of physical movement that my Calgary airport hotel afforded. I've made better plans to enjoy the city on my next trip.

I did work hard to expend significant energy with hotel room dance parties I was horrified when on my last day there my coworker said, "I heard the ruckus last night!" and I thought she was talking about my dance wasn't; but for a second there I had no where to go.

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george pechtol said...

sigh... there's that sky that i love! :) glad that the West treated you well!