Friday, October 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Privilege..

I'm in the car heading back up to my cottage for closing weekend as we speak.  After having a full on family Thanksgiving, this weekend is for putting the cottage to bed for the winter.

Thanksgiving weekend is my favourite weekend at the cottage, it is only because we changed our routine so we didn't close the cottage on the same weekend. It is the last weekend of the season for enjoying the cottage for what it is.

I got one last cottage run in. The trees really put out like the queens they are on this weekend.  Unlike the true Northern Ontario, cottage country trees peak a little later and Thanksgiving weekend is always a good show.

Thanksgiving weekend is for collecting the last few bouquets, sitting by the fire, and watching the world go by on a rainy day while enjoying a cuppa (wine or tea).

It is a slow weekend. This year Marlowe fell in the lake at the park so we could cross "fall swimming" off the list. She's a nice one that kid.

The kids spent the weekend running through the woods, setting up forts and some G Rated version of deer hunter with the kids from the Bay and cousins.

The weather was spectacular and we are going to miss having this place to go and stretch our legs at.
I know it's early but I pulled out the snow shoes this morning looking for my wool winter shirt. Now that the girls are bigger I am really hoping to get in some winter cottage time in this season.
We are so fucking lucky to have this place to congregate at separated from the crazy of day to day living.  It's a treat to go and shed the skin of day to day business and settle in. Next summer it will be great to settle into a work groove in that space a bit more.

I missed not getting to lean into it this year like I did while I was on maternity leave.That will be the summer that keeps me chasing the summer dragon man.

With a forecast of 90% rain, this closing weekend promises to be the less romantic of all summer weekends. It is so legendarily "no fun" that we couldn't even convince Fenner that it would be worth coming up for.

Smart kid that one.

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Lise said...

I love that your kids live in their life jackets. So good for protecting from stick punctures and hard rocks as well. I almost miss those days. Memory is a fickle bitch, isn't she?