Friday, October 25, 2013

Six Years Old and So Much Fun

Dear Fenner,

Six years ago last night you joined us. What a trip. We weren't really sure what kind of person  you were going to be and we've been waiting with bated breath. Turns out you're pretty much game for any kind of adventure as long as you know that specific requirements are being met. Food, drink, safety, no competition and fun.

You've been up for some pretty amazing family adventures - near and far. Seeing the world with you has been a luxury that we have been lucky to have.

As we get ready to go on another great adventure to Washington, a trip that has been totally inspired by a random news clip you heard on CBC about giant squid. It's clear that you are someone who is curious about the world around them and inspires the same curiousity in us. I hope that we can give each other enough space to let that curiosity take root.

It makes life together so much more thrilling and unexpected. I'm sure we'll travel more challenging roads together as you start to ride your own ride but for the time being you make a great partner in crime.

Happy Birthday.


PS: This will forever be the year that you finally started sleeping through the night...most of the time. It's life affirming way to start another awesome year.

Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior

New York, New York

Glasgow, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

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Debbi said...

she is beautiful! Happy Birthday, Fenner!