Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Portrait of a Two Year Old

 Last week M turned two.  In a lucky turn of events we had a free loaner car for the weekend so instead of a city birthday party we decided to make a sprint for our favourite family hang out. September is a busy month full of transitions and new schedules so taking a break to be a unit without distraction was a welcome relief; even if it did take forever to get there on Friday night.

It was cloudy and cold on Friday night and on Saturday the sun came out. The wind was cold on the lake so we went to Pretty Channel. I'm sorry for the repetitive scenery but it really is one of my favourite places. We are drawn to it whenever we're at our cottage. A beautiful sheltered piece of running water and Canadian Shield. Even though it was not just cool, but cold on the lake and at our cottage; it was so hot and sunny that we could actually go for a swim, nap in the sun and enjoy the area.

Marlowe really gets to show off her mad independent skills here without great risk.  There are all sorts of different terrains to explore and challenge herself with and both girls always feel like they can do anything when they are done exploring the woods, shoreline and rapids.

It's a magical place to spend a whole warm sunny birthday with her whole Fam.

Being two means that everything is "Mine" and that's mostly ok still. It means that she can "do it by myself" which is also great.

Two years old means we still get to nap and snuggle in the hot sun where ever we happen to be..  Sunsoaked and sweaty.
Being two means keeping up with some of her Sister's antics or at least starting to up the ante on their adventures.
Being two is endless jokes about splashing rocks and making faces. 
Being two is about exploring enormous distances.
Being two is still knowing for better or worse someone is right there to make sure she is always comfortable and safe.
Being two also means drawing lots of Cats. She's got all the subtlety of a Sledgehammer for which I have a lot of respect.
Being two means being the perfect audience to be awed by her big sister's hunting prowess and game playing...most of the time this is an awesome match up.
These are the moments that we keep on keeping on for.

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