Tuesday, September 24, 2013

100% chance of rain and access to a car...

Here's the thing about being carless in Toronto with two children; we all have an intimate knowledge of our neighbourhood. The kind of intimacy that you get from walking to the grocery store with a 2 and a 6 year old.

We know where the flowers are growing, which fences and walls are ok to climb, where you can find snails and worms and how long it takes us to get anywhere. We've never owned a car so we find we don't need one. Our food gets delivered to our door, we bike around town, we use the TTC and we use our bike trailers to get heavier jobs done. Not having a car is how we can afford to go to the Smithsonian and Edinburgh every two years.

We are also excruciatingly lucky that my parents love having us around so much that we can take a train up to Barrie and they will pick us up and bring us to the cottage so because they are so accommodating we get to have a train adventure, live carless AND enjoy our cottage.

Being carless in Toronto also means that when anyone in my family goes on a trip they let us keep their car - saves on their parking costs and we get a car for a week.

In the beginning we used to use the car to spend money buying stuff that we didn't need in far off corners of Toronto (re: IKEA). Now we try and use it for exploration instead of consumption.

This time round, we used the car for road tripping. We were hoping to go to Humber Park and check out the Butterfly Gardens at Humberside but when the forecast was, "100% chance of rain" (is that still a chance?) we opted for The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

On a cold and rainy day the heat and pretty environment was a complete luxury.

Banded Owl - Drying Wings
Small Postman Butterfly

Rice Paper Butterfly

Feeling wings

Stalking Asian Quails

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Joansey said...

Meet us there if you go again!