Thursday, August 22, 2013

Break it down..

We're working at bringing the level of crazy activity down a little bit before September over here at la casa de Gemdriks. It started with a rare quiet weekend at the Cottage, followed by some delicious houseguests and is settling in with slowly cleaning and sorting the home after a summer spent outside riding.

School is coming and September is always an exhausting month full of new schedules, classes and shorter days.  I love Fall for all the cooling down but without a couple of weeks of preparation, September has the power of Thor's hammer to crush us.

Step one - Invite dear friends up for a quiet weekend at the Cottage. Important: Put the social media down for a weekend. This is not easy for me but I put down the iPhone and picked up my camera instead.
Step 2: Move slow enough for small skittish animals to hang out with us.
Step 3: Go visit favourite quiet spots near the lake to explore rocks and investigate frog population.
Step 5: Look up and breathe deep. If only for a moment.

Step 6: Say goodbye to cottage cousins. Research caterpillar specimens rarely seen.
Eacles imperialis

Orgyia antiqua
It was a lovely weekend and on Monday some more of our favourite people came for a visit. Parents who had just finished their own epic endeavour for an amazing cause and whose children, my children are deeply in love with.

I am in a few high impact work moments so thanks to Jason, we enjoyed amazing food with a table and home full of people we love. Lots of wine and a little backyard fire to talk about the summers' adventures. 

It was a lovely and hopeful start to our pre-school slow down.

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