Thursday, July 04, 2013


Last weekend one of my close friends did what we thought she would never do. She got married.  This particular friend brings the Vitamin "G"lamorous to my particular social diet so this wedding has been a highly anticipated event by all of us in the family.

That she had found a Partner in Crime who complements her strongest qualities and whose own strengths are complemented by her is just so perfect it's nauseating.

I loved so many things about the actual wedding that it is almost impossible to begin.   It was a tiny intimate wedding with only 50 guests invited.  That Rica and Phil invited children was only one of the many ways this wedding was a family affair. Fenner and I were so excited we had our dear friend Debra over to help us 'clean up'.

Fenner picked the flowers from our garden; thyme, lavender, butterfly weed and clematis.
We were all so excited to see the ceremony in our dresses that even the cold hearted commuters were charmed.
My particular flock of family arrived by the skin of our teeth, missing nothing but the entrance thank the Fates.
We would have been crushed to miss the vows, the speeches and the ring exchange. It was so perfect. I was trying to sort out if I thought it was so perfect because I really do think that the groom and bride fit together like a puzzle - if maybe my opinion was compromised due to my affection.

As I looked around at the guests in attendance I saw couples in their pragmatic parentingphase reaching out, unconsciously touching with that deep sort of affection that comes from being past the initial cliff diving phase of love into that desperate, 'I'll fall apart if I have to fly solo'. Like watching this beginning reminded us all of our own moments of commitment to each other.

If you know what I mean...

It was just perfect and when it was done, like all great family affairs, we ate and drank and laughed together.  Most importantly my children did not jump on the train like it was a blanket on the floor to be ridden around on.


The fountain that was not 45 minutes ago, the back drop to the ceremony.
 I've been riding the contact high for days.

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Lise said...

Even a jaded cynic such as myself can feel a small piece of my heart thawing. Looks lovely. And so much glamour! Where's the pic of you all dolled up, young lady?