Monday, July 08, 2013

Alone at home jiggedy jig

My family left last night for a few summer days at the cottage. We are trying to get Marlowe (and myself) comfortable with the idea of being apart for a few days in a row in preparation for my big summer "vacation"

Given that Marlowe is the last baby I think I'll ever have this weaning period is not something I am particularly enthusiastic about she's at that stage where she is still a new person every few days and I am reluctant to miss it. We are engaging in this whole practise very strategically; while I want Marlowe to be more independent, I do not want to wean her completely from nursing - although we know that this is a risk.   So we are starting with 3 days and 2 night windows.  That is the timeline we'll be apart during the Rally so that's our limit.

I am also reluctant to completely disappear from her life for 3 days without any practise - I can't help but imagine how horrifying that would be to a person who's whole world comprises of 3 sometimes 4 other people on a daily basis.

They are at our cottage and if at any point it gets to be too much for J or Marlowe I can be there in less than 3 hours.

Until then, 3 minutes after they were out the door I was in a hot bath with loads of Epsom salts, a book and a beer - ALL BY MYSELF.

It used to be that I would throw common hygiene, schedules and expectations to the wind spending the next 72 hours in my underpants and a tshirt watching 4 seasons of True Blood. A new definition of a weekend bender.

Here are things I do when I am home alone for more than 1 weekday when I can't check out of normal routine.  Basically, it's a list designed to prevent complete ferality but still scratches that itch of things I would/could not do with my family here.

Day 1 (evening only)
  • Have bath - bring book Anne Lamott's, Imperfect Birds, and Beer
  • Write a small to do list to keep me from going feral.  Things like; get coffee ready for the morning, tidy up the mess before getting in the tub or turning on the TV.  I said TIDY not CLEAN, very different
  • Make dinner:  Popcorn with nutritional yeast, butter, salt and PEPPER I'm the only one that likes pepper
  • Queue up TV that no one else likes. In this case Season Two of the Game of Thrones.
  • Knit like I haven't in 3 months.
  • Set timer so that I don't stay up all night and ruin my work day.
Day 2
  • Work from home and drink lots of coffee
  • Clean up all the piles of life that accumulate, put winter woollies in the wash and hang dry them
  • Replace bike tube (this is going to be an awesomely uninterrupted job!)
  • Eat good meal; swiss chard from my garden or just a bunch of good cheese and veg on a platter
  • Watch as many episodes of Game of Thrones before bed and knit
My list is a bit interrupted as I have colleagues visiting from out of town so I'll be eating dinner out...

I miss the company and crowds of my people but boy is it ever nice to finish anything without interruption, fear of interruption or guilt because you're letting your partner deal with the interruption again.

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