Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Poppy Season

The neighbourhood poppy garden peaked in the last week.  We've been watching it closely as the weather has warmed up.

Jason and the girls have been able to monitor progress through the week and then on Saturday or Sunday morning Fenner takes me over with Marlowe to give me the tour.
Last weekend there was a poppy that was in mid-bloom so Fenner got to remove the egg shell and watch the petals release.
It was so cool to watch everything relax into shape.

It has become an annual tradition to watch this garden bloom.  It starts with that first single flower

 and within five days the whole garden is aflame. In about two weeks the poppies are done and the irises begin.

First the yellow irises then the purple and then the Spring corner goes green.

This garden marks Spring for us.  The flowers are such a welcome relief at the end of a long cold winter.  The house was recently sold and the new owners take possession in August.

Given that it sold before the flowers were out and are taking possession long after they've peaked, I can't help but think that they will have an amazing surprise waiting for them that first Spring.


Amanda said...

love that garden. I hope the new owners like it too. It would be a shame to go to waste. It's a treasure to be sure.

JenHendriks said...

I do too Amanda! Although, I also wish I'd asked the current owners if I could take some of the plants when they thinned the corner.