Sunday, June 30, 2013

Desperately seeking a snail's pace in my urban garden

We have been trying to get to our little allotment garden every day.  We want to enjoy the open access to this small piece of land while we have it - the City of Toronto will be closing off access while they do important maintenance work.

There will be other ways to get to our lovely little piece of dirt but they won't be as pretty and will certainly cut off access to neighbours, known and unknown who stop for a chat while we tend to our dirt. Contact with friends and neighbours that I enjoyed frequently while on maternity leave and that I deeply miss now that I am working again.
I am, at best, a mediocre gardener. Having always been an experiential learner I tend to kill a lot of plants before I get the hang of something - year after year I learn more and my gardens improve.  My home herb and flower gardens are great example of this learning.  I'm so proud of them that I will likely dedicate a whole post to that alone.

For now, my vegetable garden is a learning curve. 
We had our first harvest in June and I cannot tell you how proud I was.  Tarragon, radishes and garlic greens. Not much I know but the satisfaction was something I enjoyed long after my radish cucumber goat cheese sandwich was digested.

I just can't believe the luxury of it. Marlowe running amok while Fenner and I see what's new and growing in the little garden. A chance to chat with each other in slower moments than we have at home when it feels like I'm always leaving for work or coming back at the end of the day to a spent and tired family - feeling tired, spent and distracted myself.
This little garden in the community has become a sweet relief for me. A place where I can enjoy the fruits of physical labor with my girls. I feel like time and the rush of priorities slow down and we can just focus on the plants and each other.

Watching the donated clematis fighting the good fight against the aggressive hog weed

The only moments that seem to be fleeting are those that don't have the luxury of space and time to occur in our city lives.
I do love this garden of ours.  It is the best multipurpose space in our neighourhood, giving so much more than vegetables.

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