Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Take it when you can.

This weekend marked the end of a 10 day sprint where priorities and deadlines converged in an intense black hole.  Every working parent has experienced it some folks really excel at this level of pressure but I lose myself in it. 

Friday night ended with an enormous Spring storm and it was all done. We had a 71 km training ride on Saturday morning and then on Sunday....I spent the day with my girls and my partner in crime. 

My girls and I walked around our neighbourhood so Fenner could show me the dragons starting to hatch. 
It is one of the many things we love to track during the Spring. The corner garden where the dragons lay their eggs.  It started as a story and game to try and get F to walk a bit quicker to school - to chase the 'Rainbow Dragon' down the street past it's nest.

The story has stuck and the garden remains one of the most beautiful Spring gardens in the neighbourhood.
We were in no rush. We blew dandelions, balanced on walls. Chatted with neighbours I haven't seen in weeks and enjoyed the post storm air.

J enjoyed a sleep in and prepped a picnic lunch for our trip to the Circus Festival at the Harbourfront.  It was Fenner's first long ride on the trail a bike through the downtown core and it went off like a dream. She's a pro.

Marlowe tried to run away with the Circus.

J and I clowned around.

It was just such a perfect day. Ending with pizza dinner and a cold beer at The Rail Garden where our radishes and pumpkins are making an appearance.

It was slow, deliberate and focussed with no split focus or competing priorities.  Perfection followed by a bike and brunch trip to Oakville on Monday morning with two of my favourite people.

I'd never explored the Waterfront Trail that far west. At one point, a wrong turn took us along about 3 km of a walking path through the Rattray Marsh.

I do love a good wetlands and the scenery made it easy to reposition the momentary irritation at walking instead of riding through.  When all was said and done Steph and I had clocked over 200 km in training rides from Friday to Monday. A third of what we'll be riding when we go to Montreal this summer for the bike rally.

It's a gorgeous trail and I look forward to doing it with the whole family one day. 

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