Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Working in a Virtual World

You might know that I'm a list junkie. It is the way I keep myself anchored to the day. I would go permanently feral in hours without some sort of goal oriented structure. 

My new job is a work from home, you're the boss, kind of job.  The kind that has great flexibility to make tea and do some knitting as needed.
Writers, stay at home Moms and other remote workers will know this, but working from home can be a short cut to becoming a morbidly obese  and depressed shut in. I've been down this road so my first few items on my to do list involve self care.

I am a terrible employee and Mother if I don't take care of my basic needs first. I am not always able to nail all the items but as long as I'm aiming for it I might stay sane.

1. Eight Servings of raw fruit and veg per day
2. Two litres of water per day
3. Two Sun Salutations every hour, quick walk every hour or a bigger ride in the midday.
4. Regular social engagements in the week.
5. Exercise my passions when possible. Community work, reading, knitting, parenting, cooking.

6. Be outside when possible.
7. Be in the moment working, playing or chilling. If I'm in the moment then I am using my time effectively, getting my paid work done and getting my personal work done. Social networking is pretty much the enemy of this.

If I can follow these rules I can manage to keep my work day from leaking into my home life. Once they're established then the real fun of working in a virtual office comes into play.  A ride to the Riverdale Farmer's Market on Tuesday afternoons becomes a great way to step away from the work at hand.

This summer is going to be especially exciting as I can take my breaks at our awesome neighbourhood garden. To see how our young garlic shoots are doing. Or even better.

Work from my cottage.
It's the first time I've said it and given that my team spans the country with all different hours of operation. There is no real reason my physical location should impact my professional life.
Unless I don't follow my rules...right?  Do you think it could ruin the cottage that I get up early and put in most of a full work day by noon take a break on the dock or going for a ride through the Georgian Bay Roads...and finish the day off in time for a swim to Echo Rock.
Not to shabby I don't think.

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Suzanne @RollWithIt said...

I am so glad you have written out a daily/weekly plan. Procrastination can really interfere with working from home, but if you have a daily "schedule" then it can be bliss! Good luck in the new job!