Friday, April 05, 2013

Unexpected Spring Vacation

Recently I decided to take a new job with a young consulting firm - it meant that my time at my previous job ended early and I found myself with an unexpected 2 week vacation.

Those who know me, know that the idea of lots of time with no structure or scheduled activities gives me total vertigo.  Jason said it best the evening I found out (Wednesday) when he said, "You either need to make some plans immediately or plan a trip - I don't think you can be in this house as amped up as you are right now."

Luckily for him, I am a chronic planner and so by Sunday I had started making plans. I couldn't give up the mornings with my girls and our good friend Grace who spends her days with us. I just love them all.  But in the afternoon when Jason and Marlowe need recovery time - I made sure I was out of the way.

I knit on the TTC on my way to girlie weekday brunches and lunches.

I talked on the phone for hours to my good friends who work from home but with whom I hadn't had a proper long chat since I'd gone back to work. It is a favourite activity to yak on the phone for hours while I cook the surplus from our Good Food Boxes.

Jason and I went out to a local restaurant for a romantic dinner.


Attended an awesome lecture and workshop on the impact of HIV/AIDS on pregnant women at Ryerson University. Jay McGuillvray, an experienced midwife and HIV/AIDS advocate, runs a Positive Pregnancy program out of St. Mike's Hospital. You may know that I am participating in the 2013 Friends for Life Bike Rally.

If you were wondering why, this is it - the four big reasons that women are the demographic that is contracting HIV faster than any other group in Canada. I want my daughters to have information and resources available to them.

I got to do Easter Geode science experiments with my Ladies! Without having to rush out!! Can you say "Potassium Aluminum Sulfate"?

Watching the snow fall from the inside, while nesting with my baby, no rush to go anywhere, drinking tea and chilling out.

We wrote letters to our friends in far off places.

and got to participate in a Maple Syrup Festival. ON A WEEKDAY. Which meant we missed the masses of people who try and cram it in on the weekend.  How can we not have fun together with space, time and the ability to participate with the process of making syrup?!

Walking to the Riverdale Farm as though being outside might keep it from snowing some didn't work but the fresh air felt great.

I'm just so lucky and thankful that I got to spend these days with my girls getting ready for major life change.  Also, so lucky that I love hanging with them as much as I do. 

I got to eat with my friends, sleep in when needed, let Jason have naps and drink delicious glasses of wine in the sun on the porch with my neighbours (before it snowed).  It was a perfect local vacation.


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