Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One down, two more to go.

Part of getting ready for the Bike Rally has included practicing using clipless pedals. This preparation has included coming to terms with the expectation that I will eventually tip over like a cow surrounded by College kids in middle America. The few local rides I've been on had given me the impression that I might skip the cow tipping experience.  More experienced riders have told me to expect to fall three times - once by myself, once with some people and once in a super embarrassing context (really?! aren't they all?)

But alas, it would seem I needed to be riding WITH people to enjoy the wipe out. Today, I went for my first official Bike Rally bike event today.  It involved a short 'Biking 101' session that covered; riding habits, what to expect on the road, and some pace recommendations.  Most importantly for me - proper etiquette for riding with large numbers of cyclists. 
 It was pretty helpful and I thought my bike and I were getting on famously.

After the workshop we went for a short training ride along the Waterfront - the City of Toronto did some high quality flirting with us. 

On the way back I relaxed a little too much and lost my head at an intersection - stopped my bike (obeying traffic signals) and promptly tipped over. Victor, my coach was pretty happy I remembered not to break my fall with my hands (high risk of breakage) but slammed my head against a rock on the ground. 

Thanks to my helmet, it was my dignity spilling all over the sidewalk instead of my brains.

No matter how undignified the fall was, this adventure is my choice. The PWA Foundation of Toronto advocates on behalf of people living with HIV/AIDS so that they can choose their own adventure in spite of the marginalization that comes with this disease.

Supporting rallies like this help PWA continue to run programming that supports and advocates for folks from all walks of life living with HIV/AIDS.
 If you haven't already, please consider a small donation to help them continue their important work.


Sally said...

You go girl!!!!

Cin Rule said...

I'm glad you're ok! And I think what you're doing is truly inspirational!

Jen Hendriks said...

Thanks so much Cin! xoxo

Jen Hendriks said...

Thanks Sally! I'm a trying!