Monday, April 01, 2013

Caught in the act.

I'm trying hard not to take it personally that it snowed today while we were at Riverdale Farm. As this year's voice of meteorological doom in my circle of friends I thought I had prepared myself for a long and Hitchcockian Spring but today did a number on me.
After a spectacular weekend where we actually found some sunscreen to prepare ourselves today's snow was a bit of a downer. Luckily, I've been gaslighted by March before so on the hot sunny days this weekend I went poking through my garden for signs of life.


Delicious creepers old,

and new.
The crocuses were out at the Farm

The colour gave me hope. Misguided though it may be.

I am lucky that our house is filled with colour and Squidlet at this time of the year. It can be salve to the burn of the seemingly never ending grey of March.

I'm starting a new job tomorrow. I love new beginnings.  I have a list of all the habits and expereiences that I hope to gain from this particular new beginning. I hope to post that this week as well as some of the highlights from the last 2 weeks I've had being with my family.

It's been mostly a lot of fun, but I can tell it's time for me to get out as Jason and I are starting to grate a little bit...


Debbi said...

Love that you got to see the signs of spring before the snow came back! But I especially love Squidlet!

JenHendriks said...

Squidlet was hogging all the colour to himself, but then I threw a rubber bathtub sperm whale at him and took bets on who would win....Fenner broke it up but for a second I was running totally inappropriate cockfight OUT OF MY HOUSE

I'm some bad ass mother yo.