Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stich by Stitch by Stitch

Years ago I was the lucky recipient of a girlfriend's destashing efforts. It was lucky timing because we were about to go on an extended Fiscal Diet of which the budget for my yarn was going to be the unhappy victim.  I have been happily and slowly knitting from this donation for going on 3 years.

She had a skein of Briggs & Little that was a close but not perfect match to the leftover skein I had in my possession from a different failed project. Learn from my mistake: Briggs & Little does not felt - too much lanolin. But it does make a beautiful warm cabled sweater.

I started knitting Trellis from Knitty alternating rows between both skeins. Briggs & Little are famously generous skeins (272 yards) so I didn't think I needed to actually *know* how many yards I had - I thought I was safe.

Needless to say, I ran out at the point I needed to add the collar while we were visiting the Gemmill side of my family.
Debbie and I discussed the problem and the impact of using a cream colourway to finish the project when she took a closer look at the sweater and gasped.  Five minutes later she pulled out the remnants of a skein she'd used to knit Fenner's Chrismas mittens.

We spent some time comparing the colourways under different lighting...
but could see no difference!
Behold, a Knitting Miracle!  After knitting  on a poorly planned sweater for 6 months. I was rescued by the knitting Fates who had every possible reason to make me learn my lesson.

It is a hint too big but will be perfect when the weather is warmer. I'm so happy with the end result that I might just keep on knitting.


Danielle Miller said...

Jen that is so cute! I didn't think Marlowe could get any cuter, however, there it is.

JenHendriks said...

Thanks Danielle! It's the cables :)

yvette said...

Stunning! The photo, the sweater, the baby, the sweater...