Sunday, March 03, 2013

Poetry, of the Daily Grind Variety

I clean to the desperate hope of another week balanced and moderate.
Ignoring the dripping of my nose and the scratch of my throat
           I check my work calendar to confirm
                            my suit
                                 is not needed.
My to do list; daunting

Planning to finish Marlowe's cable knit sweater before it is too small;
   I raid my button can.
          Hedgehogs are indeed, too sweet for cables.
The hive mind of knitters virtually, never fails.

Work has been prioritized.
        My to do list reads like one from a woman who thinks the clock is hers to run

1. Write work to do lists that are based in reality
2. Cross off no less than two thirds of said to do list
3. Jason
4. Sew buttons on rad cable knit sweater
5. Find pattern that seems like it has been written in English to sew summer bonnets with                                           Right?

6.  Stare at brightly coloured fabric in an audacious attempt
            to fake out the Winter Blues
7. Participate in Rail Garden Committee meeting
              Enjoy breaking exciting news.
8. Complete all the pieces for long overdue blanket

9. Increase the number of kilometres I bike in the week from 28 to 42...safely.

 Monday, if there are no objections;
      I'd like to lead the dance this week.

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