Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gearing up...

With all the snow we've had over the past couple of weeks it's hard to believe that it will ever be warm enough to go biking. I'm taking the time over the last weeks of Winter to make sure I have everything I need to start training as soon as the weather warms up. A bike for instance!

Some of you may know that I've joined the Friends for Life Bike Rally this year.  I'll be biking over 6 days to Montreal starting July 28th.  What am I thinking?  Oh right, I love a challenge :)  If you feel the impulse, you could sponsor me $20.00 over here on my site. It would be greatly appreciated!

My friend and obsessive rider Rob found me the perfect ride on Kiiji. The dealer hooked me up with pedals, clips and some of the peripherals that I would need to meet my needs on the training rides.

The International Bike Show was held early in March and I planned to get the rest of my peripherals there...on the last day of the show...hopefully on sale.  I made a Facebook request for ideas of what folks' thought the must haves were and got some surprising answers!

Not surprisingly, a helmet for the ride was mentioned.
Shoes and socks, also unsurprising. On this note; it would seem there aren't so many 5'1" people riding because what you see below are the only pair of Size 37 shoes there were left on Sunday! Luckily they fit like a dream and I'm looking forward to breaking them in. This enthusiasm is the first sign that I have an iron clad commitment to willful ignorance.
Here are some of the items that sort of scared me a bit.  Chamois Butt'r, CO2 cartridges and the bike shorts/shirt/gloves.  I am not in the habit of paying for the privilege of squeezing myself into a sausage casing.

Ugh. I'm sure I'll streamline a bit after training starts right?
CHAMOIS BUTT'R PEOPLE. It's a terrible play on THE WORD BUTT.

When I started reading up on that particular product the reality of what this adventure is going to mean for me became a little more real...and terrifying.

Fenner's job at the Bike Show was to collect maps and so she did.  I'm hoping that these might influence the next few family camping trips over the course of the Summer but don't tell Jason!


Catherine Fitzgerald said...

Any good routes near six mile?

the best part of my day... said...

Shut the front door!!!!! I JUST heard about this event at my spin place tonight and I'm seriously thinking of joining the crew...the food crew, of course. Have you rode before? I want to ride but know I might pass out with fear. I'm thinking next year to ride. You're completely inspiring, friend...

JenHendriks said...

I'm still looking but White's Falls Rd looked pretty good - how did you like it? Want to go riding this summer Neighbor?