Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adventures in Winter

I live my life fully and every day I try to be in each moment as it is without distraction so the demands of each activity doesn't bleed into other areas. Like every working parent, I strive to ensure that my work doesn't negatively impact my home life and vice verse.  These are two areas of my life that can be in direct competition with each other so it is deeply important that I manage each one to prevent competition.

A competition of course in which I am the big loser because no matter which area gets the best of me...the other doesn't. I learned quickly that these are two areas that anything less than best effort keeps me up at night. So I do anything to avoid having to choose one over the other.

Perfect work/life balance is a goal I aim for and when I achieve it, I have to remember that it too shall pass.. I hate it when people talk about this like it's a state of being that eludes us because we are doing something wrong on a daily basis. Appreciate it deeply when it's achieved because it is earned.

In my case with a superstitious and neurotic commitment writing to do lists and using sticky notes.

It's been a bit of a barrel of monkeys kind of a month. My outside work got hot and heavy so I needed to redirect any extra resources in that direction for a couple of weeks. That means that there are literally no spare cycles in a day to support anything but my immediate family and my paid work.

This was the first time since I went back to work that the balance had got this out of whack. My days ran like this:  Bike to work (to manage stress and get exercise), arrive as early as possible, work until just before bedtime, get home to help put the girls to bed (alternating girls every night), finish working from home - nurse for most of the night. Repeat until weekend.

No writing, no real friend contact and not much in the way of good times in the office.  It really reminds me how lucky I am that this is the exception not the rule of the way my company typically operates and that Jason is such a powerhouse.

I work that hard during the week to ensure as much as I can that my weekends can remained untouched by the week.  Filled with friends, family and winter fun.  One of my 2013 resolutions is to be in the moment that I am; in no matter where, to get as much as possible out of its passing.

When those moments can be like this why would I sacrifice any of them to worrying about the future or the past?
My sister drifted through and we got to witness some perfect hill traveling.
It's nice to see Grown Ups get back into the thrill of winter after so long isn't it?
These Littles really teach us how to remember the thrill of plummeting down snow covered mole hills without a care in the world.
Hiking through the cold and snowy Gatineau Hills with our old friends.
Playing a mini game of Fox and Goose on a frozen lake.

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