Thursday, January 10, 2013

Digging Out.

Bear with me guys.  January has always been the month that drags me kicking and screaming down to Uglytown.  I usually pay extra special mind to make space and time to recover from all the magic and goodwill of Christmas and to start the New Year feeling right.

But this year I miscalculated my resources and ended up drastically short on the sleep and time. Two resources that can break any woman on the best days.  Marlowe and Fenner have been sick with colds, I started working on a couple exciting new projects at work and forgot, for a second, that it was January.

It's a bad month at the best of times. This year it has hit us hard. So, I'm going to take an inventory of moments that I use as my crutches

My Mimi's beloved Grenfell Mission knitting bag came to me this year. An amazing reminder of my beautiful, witty, talented Grandmother, her best friend Auntie Ev and a pretty badass piece of Canadian history.

Photo Credit Jason Gemmill
Bedhead that smells like wet wool.

 One year ago I had lunch with Michel Odent. I'm not sure how I got so lucky but he and I enjoyed my knitting and a meal. He's as charming as he looks

My brother-in-law was the lucky recipient of a hat donated by Lisa and auctioned off as part of a fundraising blitz for Steph last summer. It's nice to see karma looking so smoking hot.
This beautiful winter garden is my beloved neighbourhood ravine.

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the best part of my day... said...

Yeah, January blows. In so many ways. I hate it. But it seems to be almost half done. Almost. Hang in there, friend. These lovely photos have helped...