Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Active Labour to Transition

Guys, how fantastic is the month of December? It is a month filled with everyone I love.

People that I love so much that I started making and planning the month back in August so that I don't hate them by this point.  I know it sounds a bit crazy but everything gets hairy if I leave it until December.  Frankly, I go off the deep end and lose my Self to the holidays if I don't manage it early. 

I am never so thankful that we don't have cable as I am at Christmas.  We would be paying off Christmas the entire year if my consumer habits were at all impacted by Christmas television. I am too easily swayed in my habits.

Frankly, this year was as centered and family oriented as we could have hoped. Lots of sleep, home made food, focused snuggle time, friends, space and a civil amount of wine keeps us all on our game.

We started the holidays with our Urban Family Party on the first night of Hanukkah. Aviva's mother brought a minora for all the kids for the first lighting.  The recital was amazing and Fenner performed her current the holiday favourite; Alligator Pie

This was followed by our tree trimming party. We have family drop in for decorating and soup in early December before calendars are too jammed with commitment.
We are so thankful that my Sister's family has moved to the city so we can have more time together.
Speaking of family, we were invited to our dear friend Stephanie's home for her annual Gingerbread decorating party.  I think Fenner finds great relief in Steph's company. She is so clear and logical - her rules are very similar to our family's and well her love of the child's perspective is obvious.
When Steph and I first started talking about our family Christmas traditions (almost 4 years ago) she talked about this Gingerbread party. I confess. I have always wanted to be one of those special friends who got invited when Fenner was old enough.

But this year, all of Steph's girls were grown up and I didn't think they were going to have any more parties. I see now that I had clearly grossly underestimated her girls' commitment to the tradition.
When the kids finished decorating the tradition Christamas moose, sea horses, sharks and dolphins. There was a delicious kid friendly macaroni dinner to be enjoyed and Sam offered to play some games with her. 

My daughter is becoming heartbreakingly astute around games - she asked Sam up front if she meant "winning games" or not. To which Sam replied that of course it wouldn't be a winning game that wouldn't be fair (THANK YOU SAM)

She then cracked out this magical game that Fenner is currently SMITTEN with.  It would seem the competitive agenda of most kids and adults might not be as subtle as we might have hoped.

We ended the pre-Christmas blitz like this on Christmas Eve. Surrounded by loved ones, books and quiet time.
It still makes me a bit uncomfortable to think that if you followed the Christmas story that right around this point Mary was going from Early to Active Labour and Joseph was shitting himself....

if you subscribe to that sort of thing.


the best part of my day... said...

Looks like the holidays were good to y'all. So glad.
Happy New Year, friend.

JenHendriks said...

They really really were.

knittingsouth said...

I am smitten with Fenners hair, what an adorable child. I also love reading your husbands adventures of being a home dad. My children are grown, I've lost my husband and its so fun to read the successes of young families. You seem to be coping well, I look forward to following t his family for quite a while. Happy new year.