Friday, March 16, 2012

Old Man River

Dear Dad,

It's 3:45 am the morning after your birthday. Everyone in the house is asleep except for me because I actually slept last night and, well, you know how it goes. 

I think I spoke with you twice today looking for Mom to sort some stuff out and totally forgot what day it was.  To be honest, for some reason I think it's March 3rd which would be great because it would mean I didn't totally miss your birthday.

Holy Hell. I just checked the date on the computer and TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!! I'm up super early on your birthday SO I DIDN'T MISS IT AFTER ALL.

I can't believe I get to start the day with such a great sense of victory.

These are some of my favourite Dad moments of last year.
We are solving all of the family problems and preventing future problems.  BECAUSE WE ARE AMAZING and also, our noses give us super powers.  Little known fact.
The quiet times and moments of focus you have with my daughters are what make you such a great grandfather.  Girls need more men like you in their lives to take them on adventures around the bay, to take them on special fishing adventures and to challenge them to rise up on their own to take on the big world.
Luckily you still embody the 'craggy old fart' aura pretty professionally.

Love Jen

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Affairs of the Heart

Shitballs! I've been killing the blogging regularity until this month.

It's time I was honest with you.  I've been keeping secrets. Big ones. Secrets about who I've been hanging out with and how awesome it's been.  We've tried to feel terrible about our time together but the reality is, we're all really amazing, smart, witty and charming people who were getting together for a common cause.

My sister Liz is having a baby.  This baby is going to be absolutely fantastic.  I am just dying to meet the little person that Liz has been diligently making for months.
My excitement about having another little bean is almost outweighing my absolutely inappropriate jealousy at how gorgeous Liz is looking.  She looks just perfect.

I was deeply concerned at my ability to knit the baby's weight in wool given my own hijacked schedule so I asked Nat and Steph to give me a quick how to on the beautiful community blanket that my coven at Lettuce Knit put together for me.

The wool: Cascade 220 in their natural colourways. My sister is an environmentally minded woman who helps write policy for water sustainability. If we are drinking freshwater in 30 years we might take a minute to thank her.
 I organized 2 big stitch and bitch sessions and a number of smaller sessions to blitz this puppy. Almost everyone I could stalk knit on this blanket.  Aunts, and Friends.
 Cousins and Mothers.
 Cousins in town for a shopping trip came by, learned how to knit and then knit on the blanket.
 Together we made a beautiful blanket to wrap your beautiful bean in.

I'm sorry Liz. It was a lot of fun.  The people who love you are really lovely and it was just impossible not to enjoy each other's company. 

The border was put on and cast off the morning of the baby shower so I didn't quite make the deadline but the ends have been woven and our blanket is having a little bath today.  I can't think of a nicer person to have so many people knitting a welcome for.

And now that the whole torrid affair is out of the closet I'll be able to trust myself in this space again.

The scene of the party.

Photo credit Kristan Hendriks