Monday, December 03, 2012

It's coming people.

It's that time of the year when we have to eke out every possible minute outside while the sun is up and it's not raining or snowing.  We're in full Christmas preparation mode right now and are expecting to finish all the gift shopping by Saturday this week.


This is a huge win given that we have to bike around town on the weekends to do the 'out of the neighbourhood' shopping.  I feel like the supreme ruler of organization. Online shopping completed this week. Local shopping completed last week.
I'm picking up the last of the stocking stuffers this week and Jason's on wrapping paper duty so we can start wrapping and finishing up.  KAPOW!

The outstanding made gifts are causing me some stress and there ain't no nothing that can be done.  I'm slow and until someone adds another 6 hours to the day I'm powerless. Besides, at this time of year, they'd be dark hours anyway and I'd probably just want to drive my bike into Lake Ontario to end it.
The days are so short now that all I want to do is hibernate, wrapped in a blanket on the couch with something sweet and delicious in the oven.
Anyone worth their weight in winter road salt knows that's the fastest way to a good dose of Canadian Winter SAD and so we make an extra effort to get lots of outdoor exercise and adventure.
Besides, just the exposure to the gold leaves that are barely hanging on reminds me that Spring will be here and this place will be full of the green that feels so sweet on my eyes.
Until then we enjoy the warm days when we have them.  I really do love the look of a sweet man in a classic pair of rubber boots.  Yum.

All the while, this is happening behind my back. Marlowe singing and laughing is enough to get a sister through the dark dark days.

Solstice is on December 21st, Fenner and I have started looking at different kinds of lanterns we might make this year and I think we're going to go tin can

It was a magical night last year and I'm looking forward to enjoying it again this year. We'll light the candles, the girls will go to bed and I will visit with my old crones and some knitting.

C'est bon.

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