Monday, November 19, 2012

What a Tangled Web We Wove...

This week's Village Valeur score: One intact Fashion Weaving Loom with "Fluffy Yarn" for $2.99.

The fluffy yarn is as meltable as it sounds. Fenner *loved* it and can now warp and remove her own weaving. She's got it completely under her power.

The Christmas Party season kicked off at our house this weekend. I had two parties and Jason took the girls to the Santa Claus parade.  The parties reminded me how careful I have to be during the holidays not to drink too much or stay up too late. 

Want to gain efficiencies in ruining the holidays? Exhaustion and hang overs - they don't make any of us better people.

Although I did have Rosee d'Hibiscus beer from Dieu du Ciel and had it was so good it made the late night worth it. Refreshing, light, romantic. Divine.

Jason and I have started weekly list making - baking cookies and preparing foods so that when our families are visiting we don't have to spend the whole time cooking.  The shopping is behind but we have time to remedy that and our handmade gifts are right on schedule. I will not cry this Christmas!!

We made our first ever Challah this weekend. I made the dough and a savoury filling but got super frustrated with the dough weaving and had J not been available, I would have tried to bake it looking like a brain. Instead he had a go and I was only a little annoyed with the perfect job he did...

Honestly, Jason...
what a Jerk.

While this beautiful work of first time luck was baking,

our long lost friend Will came for a play date and a visit.  I think we only saw him for about 15 minutes and he was wearing Fenner's gladiator helmut while she was sporting her Fireman's helmut. He had a busy visit but they managed to get to every single planet in the solar system.

Turns out Venus was overrun with pigs!

It was the best part of a great weekend. We love that guy.


Keith Wynn said...

That Pastry looks amazing!! BTW It is only letting me comment by prompting my FB or Twitter login and not through my blogger for some reason. Have a great holiday week!!

Optimistic Existentialist

JenHendriks said...

Thanks Keith - It's actually full on bread. I just reinstalled Disqus and I don't know why it would be prompting you for your FB login...I'll take a look at it now. Cheers.

Amanda said...

well hello! You've stopped mentioning your blog posts on FB, so I've missed so much! Nice to see you're still writing though. Neve has the same weaving kit and has the attention span of 2.5 seconds. Let us see what Fenner creates. Hugs to you all!

JenHendriks said...

Thanks Amanda, just taking a time out from Facebook but will be returning soon I'm sure.