Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Settling down to our winter rhythm

The heat of Fall change has cooled, as has the weather and life has slowed down accordingly. Our evenings are finding a rhythm that allows for some quiet night time activities together and apart.

Jason has found his feet throughout the day. His proficiency at parenting and taking care of business at home gives us so much time and space in the evenings that we are able to enjoy ourselves without sacrificing dinner or quality.

I started making our handmade Christmas early this year to try and respect this unspoken priority to make our evenings as calm and kind as possible. Over the past month I've been infusing olive oil with Lavender and Mint from my garden at home and at The Rail Garden. I added grated beeswax,warmed the oil and beeswax up in a pot and the first batch of hand balm was complete.

It was so easy to make that I may never go back to expensive store bought balm. 
My hands get killed by gardening, knitting and winter so I need balm for recovery and this is the perfect texture.
New evening alphabet games are thematic to our after dinner time. Fenner is in French Immersion and she hadn't quite gotten the hang of her letters in English so we've started playing alphabet games at night.  This is our English iteration but given the 'improvised' nature of the game we'll be playing it in French too.

Jason is a good cartoonist and so is Fenner. Me? I'm good at making it a game for everyone to play. We pick the letter (Capital and Little) of the night and then Fenner names as many words as possible that start with that letter, I write the word carefully and Fenner names the letters and writes them down.. She and Jason draw them.

It's just a start but I think it will help build a schoolwork time into our nights and integrate her job at school with our job as parents.
Marlowe hangs out with me when I take a break - she is starting to stand and climb like a monkey.  Making funny faces and stacking blocks only to knock them down.
She is taking her job very seriously and practicing every day. I am taking my commitment to not lick her eyebrows off her face very seriously and so they remain - expressive and delicious.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Great blog!!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear more about the balm. Do you have a ratio or more specific recipe?

knittingsouth said...

I was hoping for the recipe link for the hand balm too