Sunday, November 11, 2012

And so, we danced.

 It was our last big community dinner and dance last Saturday night. These events have raised all the money we needed to build The Rail Garden and buy our equipment but more importantly they raise all the community support we need to keep the garden growing (see what I did there?)

This event was our biggest yet. One hundred and seventy friends, family members and neighbours joined us for dinner and a little bit of two stepping.
Kids ran amok while their parents ate and chatted with friends. This fall has been particularly busy for so many people that street side chatting and chance encounters at the grocery store have fallen by the wayside as everyone rushes to get to classes, activities, work and their family's schedules.
 The band played, the kids danced and the parents enjoyed a beer and some great community.
My Garden cohorts and I decked out our local legion hall. We baked and cooked plannedfor a couple of weeks to prepare the food.

A member of our team is moving and will be leaving a huge shoe to fill behind. We are a team of four so a loss like this is going to be crippling.  She's a personal friend as well so both my heart and my pragmatic side are a seizing up a bit.

Her story is bigger than this post though and so exciting that it is worthy of it's own space.

On to the food.  There was pie: pumpkin, pear, apple and for a very few lucky guests a single beautiful  lemon meringue pie (not from our kitchen :)

There was baked beans. Vegetarian (not pictured here) and my now famous all day baked beans made with a personally smoked ham hock from my amazing butcher.

 Our local garden centre donated end of season flowers, gourds, pepper plants and a discount on hay bales.  Hay bales.

They lend such a beautiful, county feel to an event but at 11:45 when an inebriated guest ripped one apart so she could take a 'roll in the hay', I cursed them...and her a little bit.

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