Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Giving Thanks

Guys! Where did last week go?

We spent a cold and amazing Thanksgiving weekend walking in the woods, cooking, eating and being together. Years ago my Mom started using this weekend to do a family community kitchen where many hands make light(er) work. We had a great time chopping and prepping vegetables for a million jars of anti pasto.

This year my sisters and I decided to do a run at soups. Mom supplied the kitchen and the pressure canner. Eight hours later we had Lentil Soup, Italian Wedding Soup, Roasted Vegetables and Gingered Carrot Stew.

My sister Charlotte channels every matriarch of a large clan whenever she cooks. It is a running family joke that Charlotte's minimum cooking quantity is for a family of six - 4 of whom are teenagers so when it was decided that we would triple the recipes we were all a little concerned.

She's an amazing cook and does well with her propensity for mass food production. Most of the time she has a place for it to go when she's lost control (like my pantry!)

It was the perfect fall day for hot food cooking. Cold and rainy. The sun came out after the last of the jars came out of the canner.
We got to go for a sunny fall walk through the woods and along the lake.  The leaves are about to peak and the lichen was in full performance after the day of rain.
What a spectacular weekend to be out of the city.

Jason baked pumpkin muffins.
My sisters and I did dinner this year.  It was a full team effort - Mom and Dad hosted a glorious family party. They have been doing a lot of hard work recently so the gauntlet of preparing dinner fell to the next generation. We split the work load and so were able to get some good play in while dinner cooked.



Fall on Echo Rock!
By the time we came back the bird was done and Jessica was ready to put her amazing gravy together. It is one of my favourite things about Thanksgiving Dinner. I don't know what she does to it and I almost don't want to know.

Mom made an amazing fresh cranberry compote.
Liz ensured a beautiful table.
For a brief time anyway....
We had so much to be thankful for this year.
Health, happiness and family all in one cozy room while the wind blew and the leaves fell outside.
So lucky.


Aunty Liz said...

So lucky for your beautiful writing!

the best part of my day... said...

Love Thanksgiving...and love your family shots. I know you have such special times in cottage country.

the best part of my day... said...

Oh ...and nice new blog face...

LaughsTooLoud said...

I have been helping my mom can fish and vegetables for the last month. And jam...and then more vegetables and fish. We could probably do a trade, ha ha

JenHendriks said...

I've never even thought of canning fish! The strangest thing I've jarred is lichen to make fibre dye.