Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cook, clean, write or knit. The nightly debates

The title of this blog is the theme of our nights right now. I can choose only one of these things every night before it starts to eat into precious precious sleep time. I've been writing this post over the past week. Slowly gathering pictures and my thoughts.

Over a week without a post is something I've been trying hard to miss but since we closed the cottage life has been running us a merry chase.

This little bun turned five last week.
It's hard to believe this little baby
has turned into this big girl in what feels like a blink of my eye. It's been a fun and crazy ride.
She asked for a repeat of last years cupcake extravaganza.  We tried a new pumpkin spice recipe this year and they were delicious after a rainy day treasure hunt in the local ravine.

The day after Fenner's birthday we gathered in The Rail Garden to put our gardens, community and personal, to bed. We had already postponed the event and were getting worried about the weather never cooperating so we pushed it on Sunday.
In the rain, we moved the last of the mulch. Cozied the strawberries, planted bulbs and covered what we could with straw. It was a cold wet day.

I brought our fire bowl and firewood up to the garden and got a big bonfire going. I can't lie - I was pretty proud of getting the fire going in the rain. Makes me feel like we'd do ok in the zombie apocalypse.

Now we have the final community dinner of the year.  The Harvest Dance. Our house is a frenzy of nighttime baking, donation accumulation and planning.  Each of the four committee members has committed to baking pies for dessert, cooking the mains and contributing to the decorations.

This shit is real people. We sold out this event in less than two weeks. 170 people, live blue grass music - Meat and Vegan main courses, salad selection, cheese/fruit platters and sides.  There are only four women on this committee and we all have a priority commitment to making the experience of these dinners a beautiful, fun and delicious one. Thank god for volunteers helping us wash the dishes!
Last week I started preparing my contributions to the dinner. I don't have time to do it all in the last few days so everyday J and I make a list and do a little bit every night. Baking the desserts at night and freezing them. We've had a surplus of seasonal food from our Good Food Box so we've been using the surplus to literally, feed our neighbourhood which I love in about a million ways.

These are just a couple of the pies ready to be warmed in the oven and served hot on Saturday night.
We are collecting Fall related decorations on our walks and rides to and from school/work and the final to do lists are getting finalized. I've picked up the meat from Kyle and Lorraine our local butchers. Kyle is  smoking ham hocks for me to pick up on Thursday night me to make my all day baked beans to complement the veg baked beans.

I am just so proud to be part of the team that puts these events on. I'll be more excited on Saturday night when the prep is done but you should stay tuned for pictures. This is what our first dinner looked like and we didn't know what we were doing back then.

Cool eh?


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