Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Who wants to learn how to dance?

Oh man, this video is so romantic I am swooning. Don't you just want to go sign up for ballroom dancing right now? I would also like to start a Damian Kulash Make Out Club who wants to be my Veep?

Last weekend my sister and I ran for our lives in Oro. The pivotal third sister couldn't make it so we tried to fill her space with the newest addition to the clan. Chloe was a sweet amuse bouche for the zombies while her Mom and I dashed by.

A perfect strategy.

We had a hoot and I think we might sign up to do more runs/rides adventures along these lines together.
Sunday I cranked my sore body out of bed and we went for our first every family bike ride where Fenner rode solo. This is the first of many warm up rides where her bike slowly transitions from being a recreational tool in the neighbourhood to a transportation tool.

Don't tell Jason but I hope that this journey culminates into a family bike trip to the Rideau from the Waterfront Trail.  shhhh. Go big or go home right?
Fall has arrived and with it sweater season.  This is the first sweater I ever knit. It was for my niece. Classic crew construction with a classic rookie stretched out neck (it was too small for my niece's cranium).  I love it's itchy wool and colour.

It's one of the few first knits that I made that I'm still proud of. I made it as part of my Romni Wool knitting class I took with one of my oldest friends and so it's filled with fond memories of my late twenties too.

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