Monday, September 24, 2012

Week Three Day Five

I am a firm believer in the power of threes. Three days, three weeks, three months; the stages to making and breaking habits. It's the number of thematic jokes a comedian can tell in a row before the joke is no longer funny. The number of days that it takes for a small person to realize that the life change is permanent and wigs out.

Last Friday was the last day of week three of me being a working Mom, Fenner being in school and Jason being a stay at home Dad.

It was a bad day.  I had an early meeting, the girls were screaming as I walked out the door. The bike to work took longer than I'd expected and I had forgotten my pass key so I set off the office alarm while on a client call. There is construction on the roof of my office so the noise was off the hook and grating.

I was finding it almost impossible to shake off the negative start and by 1:00 pm I was just humming with grumpiness and stress. That amped up negative stressful state is untenable for me any more. Once I'm there I will do anything to end it. When I was home with the girls I would stop everything and reboot.

We'd go for a walk to the ravine or to The Rail Garden,  in desperate times if the girls were as amped as I was we would put on our PJ's and go to bed with books for an hour or so.
Flowers from The Rail Garden

Anything just to reboot that impossible crabbiness and reclaim the day.

Now that I'm in an office (a great office, make no mistake) I make my reboot list every morning. It's a list of the daily moments that can be forgotten in their ordinariness but if you don't forget them they can be a magical mundane moment of escape. Life is busier now that I'm at work so finding time to make (moments or art) are few and far between.

So I found a forgotten folder of pictures from years ago on my laptop that I now use to store images of  perfect moments to which I have an acute physical reaction.
Friday's list of moments and activities that kept me together. 
  • Biking to work in the morning in the crisp fall air as the light changes from dawn to day 
  • Wild Blueberries and whole yogurt with apples and maple syrup smoked cheddar for breakfast
  • Sweet music courtesy of Rdio.  
  • Knitting Lemongrass socks on public transit while listening to a gruesome chapter of Storm of Swords
  • Finding time every day to make something even if it’s only a few stitches on the subway
  • Processing the lichen to dye wool and felt at Christmas. 
  • Managing to can the peaches before they went off.
  •  Having Fenner identify Parmelia on a branch outside of a corner store and having Jason tell me about how she explained it to her friends
Good food, quiet moments, exercise and nuclear family bonding are the ways we get through life change. What do you guys do?


Marsoup said...

Try not to fart in front of my wife more than an appropriate amount of times in one day.

JenHendriks said...

How many is an appropriate number of times?

Angie Burnett said...

I drink and smoke cigarettes....

Jennifer R said...

Drink tea and read your and the Harlots blogs, not necessarily in that order.

JenHendriks said...

I love tea for the same reason!

JenHendriks said...

Oh man, those coping mechanisms slow me down in the morning but so much fun in the moment!