Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First day of two jobs

The content here is going to be pretty light while my family and I adjust to our new lives. September is for going nuclear. Pulling together and using our extra energy to make everything as kind and gentle as possible while everyone transitions to their new places.

Jason at home with three amazing girls two 5 year olds and a fast growing 1 year old.  Fenner at a new school learning French and Marlowe and I are apart while I go back to work.

I love my jobs all of them but being present and intentional at both places really challenging and exhausting. If I am not both of those things I find both lives dripping into each other which leads to me playing a zero sum game with my energy sacrificing quality time with both worlds.

Here is a song helps me to slow when I find myself slipping over the edge.

It's fun to be back with my team at the office and even more fun peeing with the door closed knowing that I don't have to ensure a small person doesn't fall down the stairs! FREEDOM.

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