Friday, August 03, 2012


I'm up North again. It would seem as soon as I get the chance I spend our time up here at our old family cottage. I forgot the camera cord in the city and Fenner is exerting some will so my time is limited.

1. My view at 6:00 am when Marlowe wakes up. The coffee is brewing and Fenner is still asleep so we enjoy the morning chill in peaceful silence together beofre the day's adventures begin.
 2. Fenner's collection of nature that she's been offering throughout the day.  Her frogs, toads, catepillars and fish all remain outside in the "Deep Dark Wood"

3. My Mom and Dad.  The real reason we have such a great time up here is because our family community is here.  Dad can amuse Fenner when I'm all used up.  Meals are a team effort, in theory, but in reality it's a lifesaver to have another adult to clean up if an overtired 4 year old needs to hit the hay in a hurry.

4. Space. Fenner has found her legs and has been leaving the cottage in the morning and visiting all of our neighbours, most of which I grew up with and have now taken over their parents' cottages just like my sisters and I are.  She is kayaking and exploring the bay by herself.  I can feel the tether we have getting longer and more elastic every day.

5. Chores. I find great satisfaction in mindless maintenance chores to be done around the property.  Digging around the cottage, raking tinder dry leaves and sticks and bringing them to the ancient compost heap at the back of the property. 

I have four more weeks left of my epic parental leave. I plan on packing the days with as little as possible. It has been a luxury.


Amanda said...

enjoy! enjoy! and how has it been a whole year??!!!!!!

JenHendriks said...

I don't know. It's gone so quickly, and so slowly...