Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rainy Day Coping Strategies

A series of rainy days in the city have left us sighing with relief and feeling slow as molasses in the wet city heat.

It's been perfect snail and worm hunting for our terrarium so we've been trying to exorcize our activity demons by going on rainy day hunts.
 Our terrarium is looking ok by our adventures and Fenner has been getting her minimum dose of exercise.  After a summer of running and exploring Six Mile Lake and our neighbourhood parks these few days have not been active enough.  
She discovered my copy of "How Does Your Garden Grow?". It's full of plant experiments, tips and tricks. I loved this book when I was a kid.  My Mum really hooked me up with fun nerdy DIY books like this when I was growing up.

I'm chuffed that Fenner is as curious about them as I was.
 Fenner's been trying to build Highfield Rd. out of different types of block sets in the presence of an increasingly involved baby sister. GODZILLA!
The lavender and sage are shedding their flowers in the midst of the rain.  It is not falling gently, these are the rains of change - torrential downpours that steam up the city and evaporate 2 hours later when the hot sun reappears.
There have been magical impromptu visits with friends that have saved us from each other.  This is my favourite view of my neighbour's home.  She is a musician and maker; I am inspired regularly by our visits.
It looks like another rainy day today and I'm getting frustrated with the lack of space so we will be stretching our legs to visit friends on the other side of the city and then going for a rainy evening walk in our local ravine.

It's the Perseid Meteor Shower this weekend and since my girls have gone on a sleep strike I think I might pack them, Jason, and some cocktails up in the chariot and bring them to the lake to watch the shooting stars.

Theoretically, it should be more fulfilling then having our evening interrupted 16 times before we just give up and go to bed. Theoretically being the operative word here...if it doesn't rain.

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