Thursday, August 09, 2012

Not as complicated as making a person but a finished object of some complexity

After six months of consistent but slow knitting, I finally finished The Four Season Summer Hat from The Purple Purl.  I had bought the hat with high hopes last Fall but didn't start it until the Spring this year.
The yarn is Tanis Fibre which was delicious to knit with. The colours are epic but I wasn't able to keep Fenner still long enough to really focus on them (it might have been a hot day).  I think I got a hint of them here.

I'm really proud of myself for sticking with this finicky project.  It required way more concentration than my life easily affords me.
The thing of it is, that if I have something to do that requires focus and attention (besides parenting) I have to build it in to the day.  It has to be protected and maintained, detail work is not work that
comes naturally or easily to me while there are young beasts on the prowl.
I finished sewing in the kajillion ends while I was in Scotland since there were three adults to two children I got time to do the details and then I blocked her in the lake and voila.


I got hit by a weaving busload of inspiration on the last trip so I'll be warping my face off this week to try and catch up to it.

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bjmccomber said...

Found your blog as I was wandering the internet, stalking as my grandchildren call it, what a gorgeous hat. I knit (mostly socks and children's top down quicky sweaters, but usually read the quilt blogs.