Sunday, August 12, 2012

Inner City Kid

Sunday is family day here at the Gemdriks house and so Fenner asked to go for a walk in The Pit. Living in downtown Toronto has a ton of great advantages. We don't have to own a car to get around, we live in the heart of a diverse neighbourhood that celebrates East Indian culture, and we get to experience urban culture.

But we still get to go for walks in The Pit, also known as Williamson Ravine.
 I've posted pictures of the ravine before. In Winter, Fall and now Summer. It's like walking in the jungle right now.
 Filled with flowers and bugs that we don't see anywhere else in the city. We go here on family days often to regroup and slow down.  Fenner runs into the woods out of eye sight and through the little river that runs through the valley.

She gets herself into trouble and then gets herself out of it without our assistance.  J and I look on while chatting about whatever comes to mind.
 I love this place. It's quiet except for the birds and the cicada's singing.  In the Spring there was a Hawk hanging around.
 Marlowe snoozes

 Not knowing about the muddy road we traveled so close to home.

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Amanda said...

I Love that place. I was living the hood for 15 years before I knew it was there?!!! Wha? A treasure for sure. The light through the trees is magical.