Monday, July 09, 2012

High Level Enjoyment

Here are the visual highlights of our 10 days at my family cottage. The only reason I'm back from the cottage is because we're going to Scotland on Thursday night to see my best friend.

That's right people, I'm living the dream life over here.  I made some stuff last week deserving of special attention.  Hopefully this week I'll get some time to be specific but until then, is there anything more beautiful than sun kissed, free range children?

Here are my favourite moments in no order.


Julie said...

What a great blog post!
I love this statement 'That's right people, I'm living the dream life over here.' It really cheered me :-) People happily admit to hating Mondays, working too hard or not getting enough sleep, but seem so reluctant to admit to having a great time.
'Sun kissed, free range children' - fabulous!!!!

JenHendriks said...

Thanks Julie. I am having the best maternity leave ever! I'm so lucky that it really soothes the burn of watching the girls recover from jet lag.....

Yvette LeClair said...

I'm jealous.