Friday, July 06, 2012

Going feral in the best way possible

Word on the street is that Toronto is experiencing a record breaking heat wave this week. After a perfect Canada Day long weekend, I am not sad I chose this week to try to be at the cottage with the girls.

My folks are up but it's the first time I have come for an extended stay without my Partner in Crime.  I miss J dearly and flying solo make the nights difficult. The days are just packed with....well whatever we feel like.
I've taken the girls exploring the shoreline in my Mimi's ancient canoe. We've been collecting bugs and toads. Fenner is desperate to capture a chipmunk for Jason's birthday tomorrow and she's come awful close.

Some Highfield friends decided to join the free range party and some new friendships were formed. It is a lovely thing to witness, the crossing of that bridge of trust between a little person and whomever they are crossing the bridge to meet.  If you watch close enough you get to see it happen right before your eyes.
My Dad is a pretty infamous Failed Misogynist. He tries so hard to be a chauvinist and yet he has successfully raised 3 intelligent, successful, confident daughters and 1 reluctantly feminist son.  My Dad, is a complete failure as a chauvinist. He also has a deep and unwavering affinity for children who are "More". 

I think he likes that they are hard to charm, perhaps, these children have higher expectations of themselves and the adults around them then we are all used to. Maybe it's their intelligence and their challenges that he finds himself smitten with. No matter what, the Dude has a long history of comfortable silences with teens and children.

If you ever get to witness a person wordlessly cross that bridge of friendship nurture that moment in your mind's eye for as long as you can.

They are the moments that make the Dreamers believe in world peace and Mothers believe in a sibling's bond.


JenHendriks said...

Thanks Friend, I really really am.

Lise said...

You are so lucky!