Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Edinburgh as a family.

My best friend and Fenner's godmother Carolyn is living in Edinburgh right now. She's doing her Master's in Law because she's super smart and ambitious.  Carolyn might not use those words to describe herself but since she's not writing this post I get to.

Anyway, we rented a flat near the junction of Leith Walk and Broughton which made us close to downtown. It was 5 minutes off of the bike paths of the Leith. Lots of Edinburgh City adventures to be had and lots of playgrounds and walks to let Fenner go off in all directions.

It was an amazing thing to go travelling with a 4 yr old and a baby.  It changes the entire way that you view the place you visit.  It's not better or worse but it forced me and Jason to be real about debauchery and safety to focus on the world from a different perspective.
So we hiked in Holyrood Park and tried to climb the Craigs.

We went to museums, aquariums, discovery centress, playgrounds and yes, there were a couple of pubs and late nights but certainly not the number that I might of hit 7 years ago.

Our flat was close to the Royal Botanical Gardens which were amazing. I love these mini terrains that they designed based on the mountains and mosses.  There were giant greenhouses with different ecosystems and a ton of space to run run run!
We went hiking with Carolyn along the Leith after having afternoon tea.
The kids were game for city attractions like The Royal Mile, dinner out or an exploration that required not running amok if we'd set Fenner free the day before.

It's a good sign when at the end of a vacation one is dreaming of  projects and adventures to come. An amazing trip filled with exploration, food, friends, wine and most importantly, naps. 

I love naps so so much.


Byhookandthread said...

thanks for showing me the other side of the world!

JenHendriks said...

It was a real adventure Amanda! I'm still hoping to squeeze in an East Coast tour before The End.