Friday, June 15, 2012

The semi-quiet before the real quiet before the storm

On Saturday I am hosting a community dinner at  The Rail Garden for over 120 people.  We are almost sold out.

This event is a testament to what happens when a group of women plays and supports their individual strengths. Eva is the point guard on our food events because she has the ability to stage food and spaces beautifully. Anyone who has seen my house knows that I have a lot of strengths but design is not one of them.

So to give her a couple of hours to write instructions and give us her plan clearly, I took her beautiful girls for a couple of hours.
I love children.  This is one of my biggest strengths.  I love taking them on errands and find the adventure in the mundane chores of life.  No matter who you are, you have to get food somehow and given I live in the heart of the city I have to go to the store or the market.

My secret is that no one goes to the store if they are hungry or tired and I usually pack snacks like I'm going on a hike in Algonquin park. It might be overkill but who the hell wants to go to the grocery store with crabby kids??
Kids get to choose anything they want from the produce section.  This is where we do the majority of our shopping. Cherries were a big hit at the grocery store and Eva was able to write up clear directions for me.  My Community Dinner super power is that I am an untiring, unstopping grunt, so if you have clear directions and a vision of how you want things to look - I can prep the hell out of everything.

The key for Moms is that they need a bit of space to write those directions.

After school we went to the East Lynn Farmers Market.  Snap peas were the perfect market buy because they came with a zipper and were a delicious veg complement to the cherry and grape snacks that we bought at the grocery store before school.
The best part about market season in Toronto is that they set up activities for the kids that they can't get enough of.  Fenner managed to con one of the make up artists into letting her not be in line so she got to be a biking kitty all the way home.
It is a testament to my neighbour Janine's mad mediation skills that she got her daughter off the make up train in time for a ride home.

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